The CVue Difference


Responsive to your needs

When you meet with Honor, you’re chatting to someone who has been managing premium properties since 2001. What’s more – Honor owns and runs CVue Property, she’s the heart and soul of the business.

Which means you’ll be served with the best customer experience you can expect. Timely and considered.

Landlords and tenants can expect the same from her associates.

Great systems.
Even better humans

Like your best mate, Honor and her team will always call or message with anything they deem important to you.

But we’re here to make managing your property easier than it’s ever been. Because you’re a landlord with little time for lengthy emails and voicemails.

Instead our systems are built to streamline everything from repairs to rent. Everything you want to know in one little click.

Why CVue_capsule_02

Why CVue_capsule_03

Your place. Top tenants.

We know good people who know good people. Corporate networks, family, friends, referrals… you name it, we’re connected. Which means a lot less stress for you. And more time to do the things you love.

Because your investment property deserves reliable, respectable and responsible tenants. So relax, you’re in safe hands.

Keeping tenants settled

Everybody wins with long-term tenancies for reliable folks. We value your commitment to us and repay the faith by keeping good tenants happy by finding the sweet spots in between their needs and yours.

A flat fee means moving them out has zero incentive and no surprise bills to landlords. Instead, we focus on keeping them in. A win for you, us and them too.

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