Great Tenants

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The best tenants are successful professionals in good jobs. They tend to be busy people who don’t have the time to view every available property. If your presentation of the three key factors is not as it should be, they may ignore your property.

The successful search for a good tenant revolves around these three factors - Price, Presentation and Marketing.


When we visit your property for an appraisal, we’ll give you a Managing Your Property booklet to explain the process from signing the documentation to our rent arrears policy. Next, we conduct a price appraisal to find the price we feel comfortable advertising. You’ll understand the market and we decide the final price with you. 


To connect with great tenants you need a well maintained property and we’ll share a checklist with you about attracting the right tenant.


With the right price and a great looking property, it’s time to market the home.

We will post digital advertising on major channels but you can't stop there, we promote to:

  • CVue Website
  • Gumtree
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • HR Agents
  • Relocation Consultants
  • Our Tenancy Database
  • For Lease Board

Our strict checklist helps make sure that every item is covered when it comes to selecting a great tenant, including:

  • Have ALL applicants sign the application
  • Have ALL applicants provided 100 point ID check
  • Have ALL applicants provide 2 payslips
  • Complete a National Tenancy Database Check (NTD) for ALL tenants
  • Complete a Tenant Information Check Application (TICA) for ALL tenants
  • Review social media for ALL applicants (includes Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • Speak to their current landlords/agents
  • Speak to previous landlords/agents
  • Confirm their employment with a Manager
  • Speak to 2 personal reference checks
  • Confirm Next of Kin

By using the standard REIWA forms, we ensure we are covered by the governance of the institute. Once a tenant is secure all documentation is sent to our landlords at the same time as the tenant so they can review the contract before we electronically sign it on their behalf.