Investment Property Tips - Unlocking & Releasing Your Cash Flow

  • Workshop 2
UYB will discuss the steps to increase the rental return on your investment property by subdividing and selling the excess land - to reduce debt and increase cash flow. UYB has the potential to turn your property fromnegative to positive, and into a vehicle to benefit from the surplus cash. UYB also offers a unique service of funding all subdivision costs on your behalf.

Who should attend:
-If you have an investment property and it has the potential to be subdivided
-If you're looking to buy an investment property with a goal to increase your cashflow from your long-term asset
-If you're considering a traditional property management agency, charging over 10 fees yearly and receiving sub-pa service
-Current or potential landlords with a rental amount over $500pw
-If you're considering subdividing your block or want a better performing investment property which puts money in your pocket

What’s included:

A 1 hour presentation by award winner Honor Borg, Licensee and Managing Director of CVue Property Managers and a live demonstration on how to Unlock Your Block by Fab Marion, Project Manager and Director of Unlock Your Block.

*Limited availability* (last event filled up fast)
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