How To Get the Most Out of Your Investment Property

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Unfortunately, sometimes when a landlord seeks our help managing their property, it’s because they’re stuck in troubled waters and are needing some saving. We’re diving into why choosing a property manager is the best option for landlords.  

It may seem easy to self-manage a property with all the resources available online, lots of things can be done electronically. But when something goes wrong, with anything in life, it’s good to have a professional around to help you and give you advice from their expertise and experience.

Here’s why using a property manager is the best option for landlords:

  • The landscape of the business is ever-changing, and it can be hard to keep up with these changes when dealing with all of life’s other responsibilities
  • It’s good to keep a distance between tenants and landlords, keeping the relationship professional stops landlords from making emotionally-driven decisions
  • When tenants have issues, it’s important to have the correct documentation on hand to follow up disputes, property managers are always on the ball with the right paperwork
  • Property managers are always up-to-date with the housing market, they know how much properties are worth and how much rent can be made on them
  • They know what tenants are looking for, how to make a property more attractive to tenants, and how/where to market them when they’re vacant
  • They make sure the rent comes in on time so landlords don’t have to have those awkward conversations, and they do the follow-up when things aren’t going right
  • Property managers make sure the property is up-to-date with regulations and compliances
  • All the important paperwork is taken care of and kept secure
  • They take care of the inspections, ensure the home is being looked after, and rectify any issues if tenants aren’t being compliant
  • The coordination of fixing problems and maintenance around the property is addressed first by the property manager, so the landlord doesn't have to worry about every little detail

Property management can be a challenging industry and task to take upon yourself on top of the rest of life’s responsibilities. If you’ve had enough of self-managing your investment property, or feel you should be getting more from your current management, contact CVue Property Managers to see how we can help you. It’s CSimple.