Workshop 2

Investment Property Tips - Unlocking & Releasing Your Cash Flow

In this seminar CVue Property Managers and Unlock Your Block (UYB) will educate landlords, and potential landlords, on the pitfalls of complex management fees, and what steps you can take to unlock cash in your existing block.


Marketing and Property Management, a Modern Relationship

The relationship between marketing and property management has taken some new strides with the growing use of social media and technology advancements. It can be difficult for landlords to capitalise on the benefits that the right marketing can provide, but CVue Property Managers can make the process CSimple.

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How to Find a Great Tenant

Many property investors have experienced the plight of bad tenants. These experiences, whether big or small, short or long-term, can cause a lot of difficulties and stress to landlords. There's a whole host of checks that can be used to ensure landlords find the right tenants for their property.

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How To Get the Most Out of Your Investment Property

Managing a property can be full time work! While lots of property investors choose to self-manage, handing the hard work over to a property manager can be a huge stress-relief. Let us explain why employing the skills of a property manager is the best option for landlords.


How to Switch Property Managers with Ease

Landlords often fall into the trap of thinking they are obliged to remain with inadequate property managers for the term of their tenants’ lease. However, switching property managers can be as easy as giving notice and signing some paperwork.