Fixed Fee Agreements

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The traditional model for the calculation of property management fees is based on a percentage of the rent. The higher the rent, the higher the cost to the landlord.

We’ve never had much time for traditional. We’d much rather find new ways of doing things that are far better than the old ways.

CSimple is our new and improved way of simplifying property management fees. It is based on a simple idea - That an apple is an apple and a property is a property.

Our fee structure is almost completely unique in Australia, and we think landlords will really appreciate it.

We believe that there’s very little difference in the delivery of excellent property management services between a $500pw and a $1400pw property. So, why should the landlords pay more? We don’t think they should. Simple.

Your property will be charged at one transparent fee that the team at CVue have calculated to enable them to provide you, the client with Excellent Property Management.

Traditional Fees

Previously CVue has charged traditional fees and below is an estimation on our old fees, annually charged: 

$600 rent pw = $4,379 pa 

$700 rent pw = $5,005 pa 

$800 rent pw = $5,630 pa 

$900 rent pw = $6,255 pa 

$1,000 rent pw = $6,881 pa 

$1,300 rent pw = $8,757 pa 

$1,500 rent pw = $10,008 pa

What is our Fixed Fee? Certainly less than the above, Send An Enquiry (below) to find out more. 

The CSimple Fixed Fee

Regardless of the rent, the CSimple Fixed Fee is charged on a monthly basis and includes everything:

  • Internet advertising
  • Professional photography
  • For Lease board
  • Letting fee
  • Management fee
  • Ingoing report
  • Inventory report
  • Routine inspection
  • Outgoing report
  • Lease renewal
  • End of year statement
  • Postage & petties

Summary of the benefits to the Fixed Fee: 

  • No large upfront costs, eg advertising, photos, letting fee, ingoing report etc, which would see your first month’s rent disappear with a traditional agency.
  • Simplicity and ease to plan for the future.
  • When rents rise we don’t charge any more, % based agencies will.
  • You get a true understanding of what our fees cost, no hidden fees.
  • We only charge the fee once the tenant is approved and paying you rent.

Unsure about your total annual fees being charged by your current agency? Contact us to understand your total annual fees and a free comparison.

We’re happy to help work out how much you can save with CSimple.

"Thank you so much to Honor and the team at CVue property managers for their excellent, efficient and fast service in attaining a tenant for my mother’s rental property. It’s comforting to know that we have only one fixed fee each month so Mother can be assured of her rental income each week."

- Connie Micheli for Anna Micheli