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Our team specialise in premium property management. First of all, that means we are committed to the delivery of the best property management services. For every property, every landlord, and every tenant.

It also means we are looking for the loveliest homes in Perth for our team to manage. Premium services. Beautiful properties. We have the ethos, the people, the processes and the technology to make this happen.


CSimple is what we call our fee structure, because it really is. Simple we mean. Our CSimple fee structure allows us to deliver premium property management services with the certainty of a single, fixed fee for all properties.

That gives our landlords complete clarity and makes it nice and easy to plan their financial commitments into the future.

Progressive Technologies

We believe communication is central. With Landlords and Tenants, we listen and we talk, email and call.

We offer you a strong team who pride themselves on being constantly innovative and holding a position at the forefront of property management systems and technology.

Our goal is to use these systems to make property management simpler, faster and more efficient.

We understand property ownership and renting. We know what matters to landlords and tenants and aim to be open and honest in everything we do.

Great Tenants

We know people who know people. We have well established professional corporate networks that give us access to people who make great tenants. We can find high quality tenants, and for us, ‘high quality’ means they are employed, well paid, dependable and responsible. Just the right sort of people to live in some of Perth’s nicest homes.

If you like the sound of the way we do property management at CVue, get in touch, we’d love to speak with you.