Getting Great Tenants

  • Gallery & CTA

To attract great tenants you need to make sure the property is available for them to view at a time that suits them.

Most viewings are requested before and after work, or on the weekends. That’s why we show properties 6 days a week, 7am to 7pm.

Plus we have an on-line booking system which means:

  • Tenants can book their own appointments 24/7 straight into the calender of the Leasing Consultant.
  • Tenants details are all in the system, collecting data for future properties, which means when your property hits our tenancy database, it notifies them immediately.
  • Tenants reminded of their appointments 2 hours before hand.
  • Landlords receive a report straight after the home open with tenant feedback.
  • Tenants receive an email straight after the home open with our application to apply online.
  • Easy to follow up after appointments as all the details are in our system of who attended.
  • Applications are generated through TICA and checks tenants automatically.
  • Tenants lease agreement signed through Docusign, clean pdf for all parties to receive.