Rent Rules

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Our screening process is thorough and we only accept tenants with the highest of credentials to ensure minimal possibility of rent arrears.

Of course there may be situations where late payment is unavoidable and we therefore adopt the following procedures:

  • 2 days overdue - Email / SMS reminder
  • 4 days overdue - Phone call from the Property Manager
  • 7 days overdue - Reminder letter
  • 10 days overdue - Phone call advising that they will receive a breach on the 15th day.
  • 15 days overdue - Notice to Remedy Breach of Agreement - Rent Unpaid is served and the eviction process begins

On the 15th day we contact the landlord to advise them of the situation and the next steps.

If the tenant has not vacated by the eviction date, we will make an Application for Procession and Termination of Tenancy to the Commission of Tenancies and will represent the landlord at the tribunal hearing if requested.