One Fixed Fee. CSimple.

We call our one fixed fee CSimple, because it is. It keeps it easy for our landlords to understand our fees and calculate their bottom line. There’s no percentages, no loadings, no hidden costs. Just. One. Fixed. Fee.

We understand that landlords and tenants want to spend as little time as possible hearing from us, so we put technology to work. Our processes are well streamlined and we use online systems to provide anytime access to the most important information and keep everyone up to date.

At CVue, we offer landlords the benefits of our extensive corporate networks. That means we can find tenants who are professionally employed, dependable and just all-round good people. Just the sort of people who landlords want living in their properties.

These are a few of the ways we are changing property management in Perth and we look forward to showing the landlords and tenants of Perth other ways in which we’re different.